In todays’ social media and digital world everyone needs a professional head shot.  Whether for the company website, Linked-in or for marketing materials. 

My name is Dave Updegraff.  My friends call me Upde.  I have been an avid photographer since 1977.  In 2000 I purchased my first digital camera and really enjoyed working in the digital image medium.

I recently retired as Chief HR Officer for a large $1.4 billion Corporation , where among my other duties I did most of the corporate photography for the organization as well as for many of their customers. 

Over the years I have taken and retouched thousands of “head shot” images, product images, and images for marketing materials.  I have acquired a number of light systems, modifiers, and backdrops all related to this type of photography.

I started Have Studio Will Travel because it isn’t always convenient for an organization to send their employees and management people to a studio.  So, I bring the studio to the customer thus saving the business time and money with little disruption to productivity. 

The photos below will give an idea of just how little space is required for a makeshift studio.

I think you will find my finished product, service, and pricing are just what you’re looking for.



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